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Nestlé Purina

A beautiful Magic Cube ordered by NESTLÉ for their Purina (pet nutrition) resellers in Italy.

Nestlé Purina

The brand ordered 1600pcs of the large size Magic Cube 12.7cm as a calendar showing employees with their favorite pets,
and gave it to their partners, to communicate their dedication to animals all year long.                    request-sample

Application – Desk puzzle

Client: Nestlé – Purina

Territory: Italy

Quantity: 1600pcs

Items: Magic Cube 12.7cm

Date: Q1 2014

Why choose a Magic Concepts Calendar?

1-Fully brand-able: the Magic Concepts calendars come fully personalized with the brand’s images & messages and quality finish thereby acting as brand ambassadors.

2-Playfully effective: people play with them at their desk, when thinking, discussing, talking over the phone… all the while making the brand’s message more memorable and believable.

3-Advertising Value: While regular calendars stay on the desk for 12 months,
Magic Concepts calendars go further by being handled hundreds of times, and becoming emotionally charged for the recipient. (So much that many of them keep them after the year has gone…)

Magic Concepts calendars are available from 500pcs in 2-3 weeks.


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