7 Things to know about the effectiveness of Magic Concepts

  • Radiating effect

    The Magic Concepts Cube represents a source of brand interaction that has earned its name. Its high-precision manufacture and high-quality appearance communicate the quality of your brand to users. The desire to play and explore ensures 100% attention and intensive interaction with your message.

  • Lasting impact

    A Magic Concepts product boasts and exceptionally high retention period in the field of view of its owner, who likes to hold it and play with it time and again. In the case of a Magic Concepts calendar, this period is at least 12 months and usually even longer.

  • The multiplier effect

    Anyone who has a folding cube likes to show it to colleagues and friends. People pass it around and talk about it, indirectly spreading your message through personal recommendation.

  • Generating desire

    The endowment effect creates a desire for possession. Scientific studies reveal that physical interaction with an object increases appreciacion. The user makes your message their own and ‘takes possession of it’.

  • Playfully grasping the meaning

    The desire to play and focus attention generates positive motions, openness and the willingness to get involved in something. Users understand your message more quickly and remember it more positively.

  • Manyfold Options

    The Magic Concepts cube offers plenty of design options. It can present products, act as a calendar and generate curiosity as a mailshot supplement. But it can also tell stories, serve as an invitation, communicate values and express gratitude.

  • Multi sensory boost

    Touch. Click. See. There mutually reinforcing perception channels increase the neural activity of the user’s brain by up to 1000%. Every time the user folds the cube, it increases message perception and retention.


  • Michelin
  • GSK
  • Google
  • Bank of America
  • BMW
  • BP
  • Canon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Visa Card
  • Mercedes
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