Our products

  • Magic CubeMagic Cube

    Magic Cube

    A classic, and our top-selling product!

    Eco Friendly
  • Magic DiamondMagic Diamond

    Magic Diamond

    High-carat design, chock-full of facets

    Eco Friendly
  • Magic 3 Panel Pen PotMagic 3 Panel Pen Pot

    Magic 3 Panel Pen Pot

    Your interactive Billboard communication

    Eco Friendly
  • Magic Stationery BoxMagic Stationery Box

    Magic Stationery Box

    Keeps your desk tidy and stimulates your creativity all day long

  • Magic Sliding Pen PotMagic Sliding Pen Pot

    Magic Sliding Pen Pot

    Useful, Surprising, delightful

    Eco Friendly
  • Magic Sliding HighlighterMagic Sliding Highlighter

    Magic Sliding Highlighter

    Slide, Snap, Stack!

  • Magic Square 150Magic Square 150

    Magic Square 150

    Your Storytelling Direct Mailer!

    Eco Friendly
  • Magic Card 160Magic Card 160

    Magic Card 160

    Excellent as a Sales Aid or Direct Mailer

    Eco Friendly
  • Magic Postcard 210Magic Postcard 210

    Magic Postcard 210

    Add the Magic Touch to your Direct Mailers

    Eco Friendly
  • Magic 360 RoundMagic 360 Round

    Magic 360 Round

    A Magical Media for your brand and message

    Eco Friendly
  • Magic 360 SquareMagic 360 Square

    Magic 360 Square

    The Bestesller that stays desk-top all year long

    Eco Friendly
  • Magic Magnetic TriangleMagic Magnetic Triangle

    Magic Magnetic Triangle

    If you want it to be Read and Memorized use those Magic Puzzles!

    Eco Friendly


  • Michelin
  • GSK
  • Google
  • Bank of America
  • BMW
  • BP
  • Canon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Visa Card
  • Mercedes
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