About us

About us

For more than 20 years Magic Concepts has served marketers worldwide as a tangible multisensory media solution. Our Magic Cube® is used by most fortune 500 companies in branding, for product launches but also in Internal communication.

About us

Magic Concepts® and Magic Cube® are available through our international network of distributors

Story of the Magic Cube®

  • Originally created as an educational tool in the 1920´s, a Frenchman rediscovered the idea for advertising in 1991 and developed the original Magic Cube® using laminated foil paper on precision blocks to create an amazingly smooth folding experience that amazes, delights and make people want to keep it close. Soon followed a number of different shapes such as the Magic Diamond, the Magic Can… eventually becoming the Magic Concepts® range.


  • Magic Concepts Media amazes, engages, and motivates through the playful interaction and sensory pleasure. The surprise and delight of the experience is “colouring” the message sent with it, making it more memorable. Studies show that if you involve your hands while processing information the recall rate triples and the speed of recall doubles.
  • It also provides high visibility of your message at the workplace. During meetings, on the phone or in thinking breaks, the cube magnetically ends up in peoples hands.
  • And as the Swiss educationalist Johan Heinrich Pestalozzi, said already 200 years ago “Learning is most effective with your head, heart and hand.”

The Science

  • In order to understand and retain information, the brain has to process the subject matter cognitively, this works best if learning is fun, engages the emotion and involves multi-sensory experiences.
  • Another way to understand the power of Magic Concepts is through the illustration of Kahneman’s Nobel Prize winning framework (see in the book “Decoded” Pilot- Autopilot model) showing how our brain processes information that determine our decision and behaviour: This model is used in branding communication and shows that to process information more effectively your communication should be addressed to the implicit processing system first: The one handling perception, feeling and emotion. In this part the brain processes 11 million bits per second compared to only 40 bits that your explicit /conscious system can handle. When information is accepted by this part of the brain system it influences most powerfully of your decision and behaviour.
  • …The heart decides, the head justifies … (the decision)
  • So to win the motivation of your employees or make them accept a message you must win their hearts first. Magic Concepts is a powerful tool for that. Just watch people handling the Cube for the first time and you know what we mean…
  • We know the implicit part of the brain works with emotion and association, but we also know that it is a slow learner, therefore intensity during contact and repetition is important.


  • Michelin
  • GSK
  • Google
  • Bank of America
  • BMW
  • BP
  • Canon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Visa Card
  • Mercedes
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