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Your entire offering featured on just one object? Magic Cube gets the job done...

Product Showcase

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Your entire offering featured on just one object? Magic Cube gets the job done because it provides twice as many as presentation panels as a conventional cube.

Do you wish to present a full line of products? No problem: This cube unveils them one by one, catching the eye with every new fold. Or would you prefer to present different variants of the same product? This is easily done: Every folding action reveals a different incarnation in bold colors, yet another intriguing variation, or compelling accessories.

Magic Cube puts a face on brands that deal in concepts, services, financial products, consulting, or other offerings of a more abstract nature. It ensures complex ideas are easily understood, gives form to intangibles, and gets the message across with a playful touch.

Magic Cube takes the complexity out of complicated ideas. Helping the customer to physically and mentally grasp ideas, it pushes the right emotional buttons to ensure that the message is lodged firmly in mind and committed to memory.

Magic Cube places your product front and center – quickly, effectively, and with a smile.

The following Magic Concepts objects are excellent for presenting your products and services:
Magic Cube
Magic Disk
Magic Can

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  • Michelin
  • GSK
  • Google
  • Bank of America
  • BMW
  • BP
  • Canon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Visa Card
  • Mercedes
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