Direct Mailer

If you want to take your message to your target audience, speak to your customers directly...

Direct Mailer

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If you want to take your message to your target audience, speak to your customers directly. And if you want to be heard, offer them something that feels more like a gift than an advertisement.

Magic Cube does both: It conveys your advertising message, yet it is perceived as a gift. First comes the wow factor: Recipients are amazed and amused – (“What’s this, a die?”), then intrigued (“How does it work?””), and finally delighted and inspired (“Look at this; it’s awesome!”).

Cognitive brain research has found that people perceive gifts as tokens of appreciation and esteem that enrich their lives. Deeply rooted in the human psyche, the principle of reciprocity fosters an inclination to give something in return.

People quickly grow attached to the cube and are soon reluctant to part with it. There is something profoundly satisfying about its unexpected mechanism and gentle, precise workings. Your customer is sure to enjoy playing with it, and your message will sink in deeper every time he or she reaches for the cube.

The Magic Cube creates fertile ground for your message to take root and grow stronger with every session.

The following Magic Concepts objects are excellent for use as mailing boosters:
Magic Cube
Magic Card
Magic Disk
Magic Card 160
Magic Flip
Magic Square
Magic Pill

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  • Michelin
  • GSK
  • Google
  • Bank of America
  • BMW
  • BP
  • Canon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Visa Card
  • Mercedes
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