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The Magic Effect

Tactile or haptic advertising media have proven to be more engaging and memorable than conventional media. They are more effective because they appeal to several senses simultaneously, which makes the brain more receptive to new messages.

Scientists call this multisensory enhancement; we call it a turbo-charger for your advertising message. The recipient perceives such a tactile advertising medium as a gift. It is the only promo item that inspires gratitude. Human nature dictates that gifts should not go unrequited. In this case, recipients reciprocate by giving your advertising message their undivided attention.

These ‘hapticals’ conjure positive associations and reinforce the advertising message to create a very powerful promotional effect. They attract attention, strengthen relationships, and convey product benefits and brand promises. This hands-on experience imprints information on minds and calls customers to action.

Hapticals such as Magic Cube help charge brands, products, and services with emotion and clearly differentiate them from the competition.

This has been proven in scientific studies that incorporate the latest findings in cognitive brain research and corroborate that people’s response to positive stimuli is very positive indeed.

Experience hapticals’ remarkable effect and discover how they can support your brand strategy. Talk to us about what our products can do to turbo-charge your brand communication.
Click to read the complete study reveling the Magical Effect behind our products.